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The winners of the first edition of the Prize are Clusterduck (a collective of five Italian-German artists born in the 80s, who live between Florence, Milan and Berlin), Jim C Nedd (Verona, 1991; lives and works in Milan) and Lina Pallotta (San Salvatore Telesino, 1955; lives and works in Rome).

The creative approach to the production of images of the three winning artists is very different, varied and expresses the potential of an institution that seeks to carry out research on the photographic media today, following the footsteps of Paul Thorel.

From the reflection on new technologies, methods of collective appropriation and authorship in Clusterduck, we turn to depicting the body in its performance – individual and social – in the shots of Jim C Nedd, culminating in the photographic testimony of Lina Pallotta’s poetic and militant alliance with the Neapolitan transsexual community.

In their work, the city of Naples will emerge as a tool for survey, vision and stage, and Paul Thorel’s study will be reactivated and used to its full potential.