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The Fondazione Paul Thorel was created in Naples in 2014 at the will of the artist, and in its first years of activity it dealt almost exclusively with the organisation of its archives and the restoration of its first works. The archive consists of about 1600 artworks by Paul Thorel and a rich personal collection of 100 works by international and Italian artists — ancient, modern and contemporary. Since his death, in May 2020, the Foundation is focused on promoting his name and legacy in the field of the digital image.


On the death of Paul Thorel, in May 2020, the Foundation’s board, in compliance with the artist’s will and the Foundation’s statutes, decided to enhance its activities, becoming more than a promoter of projects related to the artist’s legacy, such as the catalogue raisonné. Today, it also conveys his name through new initiatives in the cultural and artistic field, at national and international level. By instituting the Premio Paul Thorel, the Foundation has decided to keep alive the artist’s vast and structured Neapolitan studio, transforming it into a site of study and production for artists who focus their research on the digital image. Always in the name of hospitality and sharing, the Foundation will organise projects in the form of residencies and workshops in the other spaces at its disposal on the islands of Panarea – located in the Aeolian archipelago, in Italy – and Hydra – in Greece.
Another part of the Foundation’s heritage is a rich personal collection of works of art collected by Paul Thorel throughout his life, often in dialogue with his research as an artist. The Foundation is already working on this legacy, making it available as much as possible to the public and to scholars through a policy of dedicated loans and research.

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